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  • Discuss the way to increase the brightness of ABS material injection parts!

Discuss the way to increase the brightness of ABS material injection parts!

ABS's appearance is opaque ivory-colored particles, its products can be toned into colorful, and has a 90% high gloss, is widely used in home appliances, automobiles, electronic appliances. ABS material injection molded parts how to increase the brightness of it, the modified plastic editor from the raw material point of view to explain to you.

  1、Big differences in particle size of raw materials

  Large differences in particle size make it difficult to plasticize uniformly, and bad gloss, for which the raw materials should be sieved and processed.

  2, raw material temperature resistance is not good

  Some raw materials will be decomposed and discolored at the temperature adjustment, resulting in bad luster, for which the raw materials with better temperature resistance should be used.

  3、The additive dispersion is not good

  The dispersion of some additives is too poor and makes the plastic parts bad luster, for this, should be replaced with additives with better fluidity.

  4、There are too many secondary materials in raw materials

  Such as recycled material or water mouth material added too much, affecting the uniform plasticization of the melt and bad luster, which should reduce the amount of recycled material or water mouth material added.

  5, the raw materials contain volatile substances

  If the moisture or volatile content of raw materials is too high, volatile gas when heated, condensation in the cavity and melt, resulting in poor luster plastic parts, which should be pre-drying raw materials.

  6、Impure raw materials

  Such as raw materials mixed with foreign materials, miscellaneous materials, or insoluble materials, they can not be mixed with its raw materials evenly melt together and lead to bad luster, which should be strictly excluded beforehand these miscellaneous materials.

  7、The amount of lubricant is too little

  If the lubricant dosage is too little, the fluidity of the melt is poor, the surface of the plastic part is not dense, which makes the luster bad, for this, the dosage of lubricant should be increased appropriately.

  So, also according to your mold polish degree to meet the requirements, if the mold itself is no problem, to determine the characteristics of your ABS to determine, you can choose high mold temperature, high speed, and high pressure; with frozen water can also achieve the degree of finish.
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