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From 50 to 4,000 tonnes clamping capacity, GonSon offers you a wider range of high quality, consistently and efficiently produced plastic injection moulding machines for sale. You can choose from high speed, double platen, extra large, popular models and PET and PVC machines with a full range of plastic processing technology & sincere injection moulding machine prices.
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Horizontal injection moulding machines

Horizontal injection moulding machines

LiSong the winner of the Industry Innovation Award, has a compact mechanical structure, excellent performance and easy implementation of multi-purpose machines.

Electric Molding Machine

New high-end all electric IMM

With the brand concept of extreme purity, pioneer and high performance, and excellent technological innovation. Has superb electric technology and rich application experience.

Toggle System Machine

New high-end toggle system IMM

Highlights A new generation of servo power system saves 30% to 80% energy compared with traditional hydraulic systems. Ultra-high response speed, the highest pressure can be reached in the fastest speed at 28ms, the system pressure is 17.5Mpa.

PVC Injaction Machine

PVC Injection Molding Machine (110Ton - 650Ton)

Flexible, safety and reliable: our PVC injection moulding machine is your perfect modular equipment for making a wide range of PVC pipe fittings. With its special design, you could only invest in the clamping force you actually require.

PET Injection Machine

PET Injection Molding Machine (110Ton - 650Ton)

With special design for molding PET parts, the PET moulding machines delivers quality that meets the strictest requirements. Perfect precision - use KEBA controller and high performance clamping platen, injection screw precision position setting to 0.01m

Servo Motor Machine

Servo Motor Injection Moulding Machine(80Ton-4000Ton)

More output with less energy consumption: our popular energy saving machines is high-performance injection moulding machine for your efficient production. Shorter cycle times and efficient productivity of good parts allow you to achieve the quicker paybac

Extra Large Injection Machine

Extra Large Injection Molding Machine(80Ton - 4000Ton)

Extra Large Injection Molding Machine(80Ton - 4000Ton),With the various range big clamping force and enough space for mould, our large tonnage injection moulding machine for large parts is more freedom for appliance.

Two Platen Injection Machine

Two Platen Injection Molding Machine (600Ton - 4000Ton)

We provide the market with two plate injection molding machines with high precision tolerances. Italy's two original flat-panel injection molding machines are among the top three brands, with guaranteed quality.

High Speed Injection Machine

High Speed Injection Molding Machine (200Ton - 1300Ton)

Our high-speed machine is designed for high productivity with flexibility to meet your requirement for high quality and efficiency. Faster, precise, low energy consumption and comprehensive safety, that makes the high speed injection moulding machine popu

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