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Two Platen Injection Molding Machine (600Ton - 4000Ton)

Pure two-platen energy-saving injection molding machine is developed by using the company’s large machine production advantages.

Based on the control advantages of LiSong's independent vertical industrial chain, LiSong's two-platen machine has excellent quality in durability, humanization, high efficiency, etc. and it has kept pace with its European and American counterparts.

Its super-large mold thickness and mold opening stroke are extremely suitable for high-end auto parts, deep cavity packaging, environmentally friendly building materials and other fields. It has served first-tier suppliers of auto parts brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen.

versatile - the best basic machine for all applications, especially for  large moulds for industrial containers, pallets and auto parts.    

efficient production - 30% land covering less and more freedom for moulds at a same clamplig force compared two platen injection machine with others. 

low maintenance costs - stable machine thanks to enhanced  strength and rigidity, excellent platen parallelism and outstanding closed-circuit lubrication system.    

high energy saving - less energy consumption than three plate machine by european servo system.    

reliable human-machine security - CE for safe operation for workers and perfect safety design for machinery, electric, hydraulic and mould protection.    

clamping force - from 10,000 kN to 40,000 kN    

Ready European standard connector for robot. 

Suitable for industrial items and large parts: large containers & pallets, automotive big parts(Bumper, Air Spoiler…), beach chairs & tables...

We can offer customized two plates injection machines according to your special requirements.    


Plastic Laundry Baskets Part | Plastic Laundry Baskets Mould Size | 1090*890*951 mm
Municipal Project Municipal Project Part | Plastic Tubes for Electrical Cables
Plastic Auto Part Plastic Automotive Parts

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