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PET Preform Mould

PET Preform Mold Supplier

Lisong is a professional preform mold supplier from China. With 10 years of technology and production experience of preform mould, Lisong has become a reliable manufacturer of preform mould. Lisong produces more than 280 multi-cavity bottle preform moulds per year, ranging from 4 to 144 cavities.


Lisong supply preform mould including PET bottle preform mould, wide mouth jar preform mould, 3& 5 Gallon bottle preform mould.


Industry Applications:water and beverage preform mold, edible oil preform mold, preform mold for cosmetic& personal care bottle, preform mold for pesticide bottle, preform mold for medicine bottle, 3 gallon and 5 gallon buckets

PET Preforms Mould Types

  • PET Bottle Preform MouldPET Bottle Preform Mould
  • Wide Mouth Jar Preform MouldWide Mouth Jar Preform Mould
  • 3& 5 Gallon Bottle Preform Mould3& 5 Gallon Bottle Preform Mould

PET Preforms Mould Products

  • 2 Cavity Preform Mould2 Cavity Preform Mould
  • 4 Cavity Preform Mould4 Cavity Preform Mould
  • 6 Cavity Preform Mould6 Cavity Preform Mould
  • 8 Cavity Preform Mould8 Cavity Preform Mould
  • 12 Cavity Preform Mould12 Cavity Preform Mould
  • 16 Cavity Preform Mould16 Cavity Preform Mould
  • 18 Cavity Preform Mould18 Cavity Preform Mould
  • 20 Cavity Preform Mould20 Cavity Preform Mould
  • 32 Cavity Preform Mould32 Cavity Preform Mould
  • 48 Cavity Preform Mould48 Cavity Preform Mould
  • 72 Cavity Preform Mould72 Cavity Preform Mould
  • 96 Cavity Preform Mould96 Cavity Preform Mould

Experienced on PET Preforms Mould Manufacturing

  • Automotive mold1
  • Automotive mold2
  • Automotive mold3
  • Automotive mold4
  • Automotive mold5
  • Automotive mold6
  • Automotive mold7
  • Automotive mold8

Application Areas of PET Preform Mould

Our range of solutions is wide and versatile. We can supply preform moulds with up to 144 cavities for standard applications like mineral water or soft drinks bottle, however we have a wide range of solutions also for special applications like wide mouth preforms or long preforms for 3 gallon and 5 gallon buckets.

  • Preforme In Pet Riciclato
  • Preforme Per Csd
  • Preforme Pareti Sottili
  • Preforme Per Bottiglie Grande Formato
  • Preforme Per Vasetti Grandi Dimensioni
  • Preforme Pareti Spesse
  • Preforme Standard
  • Preforme Per Grandi Formati

PET Preform Moulding

PET Preform moulding is a kind of plastic preform moulding technology and preform moulding solution which needs injection moulding machine, preform mould and plastic. And these plastic preforms will then be made into blow molding products, such as bottles.


Our preform mold is widely used in beverage, edible oil, food, cosmetics, daily chemicals, medicine and other industries.

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