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Plastic Basket Mould

Lisong is a professional plastic basket mold manufacturer from China with 10 years of manufacturing experience. Lisong Mould is specialized in the production of high-quality plastic basket mould. 

A plastic basket mould is a specialized tool used in the manufacturing process of plastic baskets. The mold is designed to shape molten plastic into a specific basket shape, which then cools and solidifies into a finished product. The mold typically consists of two halves that are clamped together during production, creating a cavity in the shape of the desired basket. Different types of baskets, such as shopping baskets or laundry baskets, require different molds to achieve their unique shapes, sizes, and features.

Lisong have a professional design team who has rich experience in plastic basket injection mould. If you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable basket mould manufacturer, lisong Mould is your best choice!

Our basket mould series includes:

  • Plastic Fruit Basket Mould
  • Plastic Vegetables Basket Mould
  • Plastic Folding Fruit Baskets Mould
  • Plastic Shopping Basket Mould
  • Plastic Laundry Basket Mould
  • Plastic Drain Basket Mould
  • Kitchen Basket Mould
  • Supermarket Basket Mould
  • Storage Basket Mould
  • Plastic Food Bakset Mould

Lisong can customize plastic basket mold according to the volume, shape or purpose of the basket required by the customer.

Lisong Plastic Basket Mould Specification

Core & Cavity Steel P20,718H, S136,H13, etc.
Product Material Steel
Design Software CAD, UG,PROE
Runner Hot/Cold runner
Cavity Single or multi
Hot Runner System Chinese brand, Yudo, Husky, etc.
CNC Machining Tolerance 0.003 to 0.005mm
Tooling Machine CNC , EDM , Engraving ,Wire-Cutting

Plastic Basket Moulding Machine

Machine used : 450T
Basket material :  PP
basket weight: 1Kg
Injection cycle: 16~20S

Machine used : 500T
Basket material : PP
basket weight : 1.4Kg
Injection cycle : 16~20S

Machine used : 600T
Basket material : PP
basket weight : 1.9Kg
Injection cycle : 18~23S




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