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Pet Preform Mould Price

Injection System

Injection Molding Is Stable,Easy Adjustment
Injection parts with double guide pillar support structure, smooth two cylinder injection device, shoot and two improved nozzle adjustment easy, can be operated by simple adjustment of the nozzle and the mould center. Injection unit 3 different screw diameter in each group, for customers to choose, fully meet the requirements of personalized processing technology.

Clamping Systems

Efficient And Accurate Positioning
Optimization design of oblique line of five fulcrum hyperbolic elbow mold clamping mechanism, power transfer effectively, ensure the process of high speed response. Rapid mold-shut platform but also shorten the molding cycle, improve the production efficiency; Low pressure mold protection system; A variety of hydraulic ejector mode; Can transfer the template support structure; Rod special craft processing, strength and reliable.

Control System

All Monitoring, Full Control
Color LCD display; Abnormal alarm function; Special injection molding machine controller, the double CPU control, control and display CPU are relatively independent, and reliable; Stop button QianHouMen economy; Realtime monitor shows every action operation situation; The system hardware I/O testing function; Special injection molding machine controller; Cylinder temperature deviation corrections; High precision displacement sensor system.

Hydraulic System

Ease Of Maintenance, Compact Structure
Low noise quantitative pump system The oil temperature deviation alarm function Tank level gauge Hydraulic oil cooling unit

Injection Unit Screw Diameter mm 34 36 40
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 21.1 20 18
Injection Volume cm3 110 125 154
Shot Weight g 100 114 140
Injection Pressure Mpa 180 160 130
Clamping Unit Clamping Force kN 780
Opening Stroke mm 300
Mould Thickness(Min-Max) mm 150-300
Space Between Tie-Bars mm 330×330
Ejector Force kN 25
Ejector Stroke mm 80
General Motor Power kW 9
Heater kW 6.5
Pump Pressure Mpa 16
Machine Dimension m 4.0×1.1×1.8
Machine Weight T 2.5
Mould Orientation Ring Diameter mm Φ100
Nozzle Radius mm SR10

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