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New high-end all electric IMM

With the brand concept of extreme purity, pioneer and high performance, and excellent technological innovation. Has superb electric technology and rich application experience.


  • Pressure control accuracy is ±1 bar, which can achieve 0.1% product quality repeatability
  • Multiple injection speeds are available, up to 500mm/s.
  • Full servo motor precision control, repeat positioning accuracy of mold opening position up to 0.01mm.
  • The screw runout is controlled within 0.05mm, and the optical special equipment can reach 0.03mm.

Specifications & Application

Clamping force 55-460t
Clamping structure Toggle structure
Power System Electric
Control System Keba
Main Application Sectors Communication Electronics, lifestyle, Home Appliance, exe_container & logistics, Medical, exe_household appliance, Daily Necessities, Packaging

Machine details

5-point toggle structure

The strength of the formwork is strengthened by professional mechanical analysis and design, and the elbow structure is stabilized by professional motion analysis and design.The central pressing effect of the V-shaped toggle mechanism makes the clamping force evenly transmitted to the mold.Reduce the clamping force and protect the life of the mold.


Thimble motor with brake

The thimble will not retreat even when the door is opened or the power is cut off, ensuring the safety of the operator

Linear guide rail is used for mobile template

Improve the load-bearing capacity of the mold; improve the parallelism and positioning accuracy of the template; reduce energy consumption; optimize the cleanliness of the mold area.

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