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Horizontal injection moulding machines

LiSong the winner of the Industry Innovation Award, has a compact mechanical structure, excellent performance and easy implementation of multi-purpose machines.


  • Combined by two-platen clamping unit and opposite injection unit, ensures the molding of complicated dual-color products with smaller space.
  • Ensures the weight precision ≤0.3%, Flexible customized services, professional solution aiming at customer‘s product characteristics.

Specifications & Application

Clamping force 880t - 1920t
Clamping structure Two-platen structure
Power System Hydraulic & Hydraulic + Electric
Control System Keba
Main Application Sectors Automotive Parts, lifestyle, Home Appliance, lifestyle, Logistics & Environmental

Machine details

Opposite arrangned two injection units

Two opposite single-cylinder precise injection units or high-speed full electric injection unit can be equipped at the same time to meet the requirements of more products charac


Horizontal rotary platen

Heavy-duty linear guide for the medium platen: supports heavier molds, lower friction resistance, and runs more smoothly.The speed reducer and servo motor drive for the rotation of the medium platen: it can rotate larger and heavier molds, adapt to more special two-color auto parts molds, servo control is more accurate, and energy saving.
The medium platen movement is controlled by proportional valve,the max. positional repeatability of mold opening and the medium platen ≤1 mm.

teristics. In addition, opposite injection unit moves synchronously with the moving platen, more efficient is achieved.


Built-in high pressure mold clamping cylinder

The built-in short-stroke high-pressure mold clamping cylinder of the new two-platen machine can quickly establish the clamping force, and the force on the mold is more balanced.


Sub-injection unit can be matched

It can be equipped with Multimold ™ multi-color technology to realize the function derivation of the machine.

Modular selection of injection unit

Electric injection unit: The repeat positioning accuracy of the injection position is up to 0.01mm.Single-cylinder one-line injection unit: low injection resistance, low inertia and quick injection response.Parallel injection unit: More stable injection, good sealing.


Centralized lubrication device by manual pressure release for the carriage.

Manual lubrication pump with pressure realese + detection type grease distributor, uniform layout and elegant.

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