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Servo Motor Injection Moulding Machine(80Ton-4000Ton)

High energy saving - servo motor control system only delivers hydraulic oil as it is needed for various functions, which prevents unnecessary generation of heat and substantially reduces oil cooling requirements.

Long working life - high efficiency, lower oil temperature, making oil tank much smaller and service life of hydraulic oil and elements much longer.

Molding stability - injection carriage linear guide with high precision and speed for injection, respond ability is greatly improved due to energy saving closed-loop control.

Quite operation - silent high efficiency hydraulic system, runs at a much lower noise level, particularly in low speed applications.

Clamping force - from 800 KN to 40000 KN

Ready European standard connector for robot. 

Suitable for industrial containers, chairs and crates, home appliances, automotive parts…

We can offer customized energy saving plastic injection machine according to your special requirements.


Plastic Stools Part | Plastic Stool Part Material | PP Production | Automatic
Plastic Battery Cases Part | Plastic Battery Case Part Material | PP Part Size |277*174.5*165 mm (L x W x H) Cycle Time| 40s
5 Gallon Pails Part | 19L IML Bucket Part Material | PP Cycle time | 35 Sec
Plastic Industrial Fan Front Covers Part | Industrial Fan Front Cover Part Material | PP Part Weight | 58.7 grams Part Size | 615*566*86 mm Cycle Time | 56s
24-Bottle Plastic Beer Crates Part | 24-Bottle Plastic Beer Crate Part Size | 400*300*266 mm ((Ext) L x W x H) Part Weight | 2 Kg Cycle Time | 45s
Plastic Fliter Yarn Spools Part | Fliter Yarn Spool Part Material | HDPE Part Weight | 107.5g, 142g, 151g Cycle Time | 75s

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