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PVC Injection Molding Machine (110Ton - 650Ton)

Perfectly designed systems - use PVC screw barrel, PVC high efficiency cooling fan and multi-core pull for PVC complex action requirement.

PVC controller unit - adopted PVC core pull action connection signal set and PVC material temperature setting reserve program.

Individual solutions - PVC enlarged machine frame optional & PVC power and granule optional.

Clamping force - from 1100 KN to 6500 KN

Ready European standard connector for robot.

Suitable for PVC products: PVC pipe fittings...

We can offer customized PVC injection machine according to your special requirements.


PVC Elbow 90° Part | PVC Elbow 90° Part Size |φ25mm Mould Cavity | 16 Mould Size | 600X812X475 mm Cycle Time | 75s
PVC Connectors Part | PVC Connectors Product Size | 80x80x80 mm Mould Cavity | 4 Mould Size | 400x500x400mm Cycle Time | 12s
PVC Pipe Fittings Part | PVC Elbow Part Size | 1/2’’ Mould Cavity | 24 Mould Size | 450x500x480 mm Cycle Time | 35s

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