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  • How to set up the low-pressure protection of the injection molding machine correctly and quickly?

How to set up the low-pressure protection of the injection molding machine correctly and quickly?

Any product used for a long time, there will be a certain amount of wear and tear, so it will affect the efficiency of the work, have an understanding of the injection molding machine industry, then you may know that most manufacturers before this will protect the injection molding machine debugging, how to do? Together with the editor to see the following.

1. Adjust the clamping pressure points to note

Adjust the clamping pressure to the required pressure, which can be seen from the pressure gauge. For example, we need XXKg clamping pressure, first, straighten the crank arm, adjust the mold thickness until the clamping pressure reaches XXKG on the pressure gauge, and then go to the next step.

2. Pay attention to the clamping pressure speed

First, put the clamping high-pressure speed to 0, and then manually lock the mold, see how much the mold is completely attached to the front mold position is set, for example, the front and rear mold fit position is 1.3mm, the set position is generally at 1.4mm. the set position and the actual position are the same, it is easy to the false alarm, too much will lose the low-pressure protection.

3. Pay attention to the opening speed of the mold

The opening speed is generally set according to the low-pressure start position, note that if there is a pumping heart, behavior, etc., it is better to increase 5mm according to the mold closing position.

4. Restore high-pressure speed

Restore high-pressure pressure and speed. This action does not need to say much, the reply is OK, the whole low-pressure protection setting is complete, after the completion of the test with white paper, put the white paper that does not fit the mold that is OK, close the mold again to reduce the low-pressure position a little or the speed pressure can be reduced. The whole commissioning cycle does not exceed 5 minutes

5. Control the clamping position

The fast clamping position is generally in the clamping section to start to turn into fast clamping action. According to the precision of the injection molding machine to determine the size of the fast tail position, the higher the precision. The higher the accuracy, the smaller the bit value. Generally set at 20-40mm before the start of the low-pressure position.

6. Set a reasonable distance to open the mold

Set the mold opening distance. The opening distance is not the farther the better, but the principle of taking out the product without touching it. Note that the opening buffer must be set according to the opening speed.

These are the six aspects of how to correctly and quickly set the low-pressure protection of the injection molding machine, for newcomers to the operation of these points is very important, the usual maintenance of skilled workers, operation and other experience can extend the use of the machine, thereby indirectly saving the company's production costs and extending the service life of the injection molding machine.
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