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  • Injection molding mold rust and its elimination method

Injection molding mold rust and its elimination method

Most of the injection molds are made of tool steel, and they are exposed to corrosive gases, water, and other substances that cause rusting in their work. The plastic parts made from rusty molds will have quality problems, so they need to be eliminated.
Injection molding mold rust and its elimination method

Gases from melt decomposition

Some raw materials produce volatile gases when they are heated, and many of them also produce volatile gases when they are overheated. These gases are mostly corrosive, and they permeate the machine and corrode the mold when it is not working.

In this regard, when the machine stops working, a soft cloth should be used to wipe the mold clean and close the mold. If it is not used for a long time, the mold cavity should be sprayed with the antirust agent, and butter should be applied when the mold is closed and the sprue should be blocked.

Cooling water in the mold

More cooling water is passed in the mold to wake up the cooling, so there is more water vapor around the machine. If the mold is cooled to the dew point for a while, the moisture in the air will form water droplets on the surface of the mold, which will be easy to rust if not wiped off in time.

Especially after the mold stops working, it will produce condensation quickly. Therefore, do not stop molding easily, even if you want to stop, turn off the cooling water and wipe the mold dry.

Carbide generated during molding

After the mold works for a long time, carbide is generated by precipitation and decomposition in the molding material, which often makes the mold wear, corrode, or rust. In this regard, if carbide is found to be generated, it should be wiped off and wiped clean with a dry cloth immediately.
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