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  • Details that should be paid attention to before injection molding of fibrous PC

Details that should be paid attention to before injection molding of fibrous PC

As we all know, the details determine success or failure, the best materials, even if you do not master a good detail, will be a loss. Especially fibrous PC plastic materials, in the injection molding modification process, must pay attention to the details of the process, or the final product will not be made out of the consequences of the standard.
Details that should be paid attention to before injection molding of fibrous PC

Fiber PC injection molding process must grasp the details of what?

1) the preparation before injection molding: PC raw materials, although it has excellent mechanical properties, known as "bulletproof rubber", at the same time, very high transparency, known as "transparent metal", but it has a very serious defect, that is, poor liquidity, injection molding is difficult, so the PC raw materials before injection molding is very critical, directly affecting the success or failure.

2) the drying of raw materials: as PC plastic raw materials in the water absorption defects, water absorption will affect the size and stability of the product performance, so, before processing must be dry treatment, grasp the temperature and time of preheating treatment, and to ensure that the injection molding environment is dry and not wet, so as not to affect the process.

3) the choice of injection molding machine: for the requirements are mixed well, corrosion resistance, the conventional plasticizing screw is difficult to do, and PC plastic products due to the use of modified materials, such as electrical products shall increase the fire performance, add flame retardant additives, the plasticizing system of the injection molding machine requirements are relatively high, the general plastic machine is difficult to achieve.

4) The grasp of temperature and gate: the common mold temperature is 80-100 ℃, plus glass fiber is 100-130 ℃, small products available needle-shaped gate, the depth of the gate should be the thickest part of 70%, other gates have ring and rectangular. The larger the gate, the better, to reduce the defects caused by excessive shearing of plastic. The runner should be as short and round as possible.

As long as the above details, the production of high-quality PC plastic raw materials products will become a matter of course.
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