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  • A complete list of solutions to the vibration of injection molding machine opening

A complete list of solutions to the vibration of injection molding machine opening

Open clamping mold is the most prone to vibration, and vibration has a greater impact on the life and stability of the machine, so please note the following when adjusting the open clamping mold: slow mold opening speed is the speed of mold start, so the speed is below the medium speed, generally use slow medium pressure, because the clamping mold when the template has a certain amount of deformation to produce clamping force.

So the starting pressure can be appropriately large, generally around 50%, the slow speed position depends on the model, generally in the mold open to a little bit of position to reduce the mold opening time and turn fast mold opening.

Fast mold opening speed pressure can be appropriately large to reduce the mold opening time, but the fast mold opening position and slow mold opening position must be appropriately spaced apart because the impact and inertia are relatively large when the mold is opened quickly, a distance must be taken to eliminate the impact of inertia on the mold opening termination position.

But if the interval distance is too large will extend the mold opening time, you can adjust the deceleration opening speed pressure to very small, generally in about 10-20 as long as it can support the template to overcome the resistance of the minimum power.

Try not to have the impact bounce phenomenon when the mold is terminated. Because the instant acceleration of the bounce is very large, the wear and tear on the machine hinge are also very large, and the mold opening termination position can not be stabilized in a small range.

Fast clamping speed can be appropriately large to reduce the transfer time, but the pressure does not need to be too large, fast clamping position should be greater than the thickness of the product, to reach the thickness of the product is to switch to the low-pressure clamping position.

Low-pressure clamping speed is generally controlled within 30%, the pressure is generally 0, and the special mold should also be controlled to offset the resistance of the mold spring/slider and another minimum to achieve the purpose of low-pressure protection.
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