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  • Common problems of injection molding machine clamping system

Common problems of injection molding machine clamping system

The injection molding machine clamping system is very important to the injection molding machine. Here we will talk about the treatment of common problems.

(A) does not lock the mold

Treatment methods.

(1) Check the travel switch in front of the safety door and repair it.

(2) Check the 24V5A power supply in the electric box, change the insurance and power box.

(3) Check whether the valve spool is stuck, and clean the spool.

(4) Check whether the I/O board has the output and whether the solenoid valve is charged.

(5) Check whether the hydraulic safety switch is pressed together and whether the mechanical lock lever stopper is open.

(B) open and close the mold machine strangulation sound

Handling methods.

(1) check whether the lubricating oil pipe is disconnected, if so, must be reconnected to the oil pipe.

(2) small amount of lubricating oil, increase the amount of lubricating oil, it is recommended that 50 die oiling once or manually add enough lubricating oil.

(3)Large clamping force, check whether the mold needs large clamping force, adjust the clamping force lower.

(4)The current of the amplifying board is messed up, check whether the current parameter meets the acceptable standard and readjust the current value.

(5) Parallelism is too poor, check whether the parallelism of the first two plates is greater than the acceptance standard with a percentage table; adjust the parallelism.

(C) wait a few seconds before opening the mold

Handling methods.

(1): slow starting speed, check whether the screw damping is too large, adjust the screw damping hole smaller.

(2): damping screw middle hole is too large, check whether the Y-hole screw damping is too large, change the center hole thin damping nail.

(D) open the locking mold crawl

Treatment methods.

(1) the second board guide and Colin column wear large, check the second board guide and Colin column, replace the second board copper sleeve, Colin column, fill with lubricant.

(2) improper adjustment of open clamping speed and pressure, set the flow rate of 20, pressure 99 when the clamping two plates should not crawl, adjust the flow proportional valve hole, or pilot valve hole, adjust the proportional valve linear current value.

(3) pipeline and cylinder with air, exhaust.

(E) open the mold can not open

Treatment methods.

(1) increase the opening and locking mold speed, pressure flow is too small not adjusted, check the opening and locking mold speed, pressure is appropriate, increase the opening and locking mold pressure, speed.

(2) locking electronic ruler zero position change, check whether the locking dies straightening machine strand after the termination in the zero position, re-adjust the electronic ruler zero position.

(3) Check whether the anti-hinging.

(F) automatic production in the mold adjustment will be tighter or looser

Handling methods.

(1): the mold adjustment solenoid valve internal leakage, check whether the solenoid valve is "O" type, model 4WE6E or 0810092101, replace the solenoid valve or whether the solenoid valve does not work with 24V electricity.

(2): manual play other actions when there is mold adjustment action, and see if the valve is stuck

(G) lock the mold after other actions work, the automatic slowly open the mold

Handling methods.

(1): Oil plate leakage, check or replace the fast clamping valve and replace the oil plate.

(2): open the mold valve leakage, open the oil pump, and clamping termination, according to the injection table or injection action, whether the second plate backward, replace the open mold oil valve. Normal for the opening and locking mold does not move. Professional plastic knowledge exchange WeChat group plus editorial WeChat: NB58250988

(H) only open mold action when locking the mold

Treatment methods.

(1): connected to the wrong line, check whether 24VDC to the valve, check the line and wiring.

(2): card valve or install the wrong spool, check whether the spool is installed wrong, or blockage, re-install the spool, or clean. Under normal circumstances open the clamping action is not moving.

(I) locking mold is not smooth


(1) A, B hole is not properly adjusted, set the system flow 20, pressure 99, observe whether the clamping action crawl, readjust or change the valve.

(2) there is air in the oil circuit, listen to the sound of air in the oil circuit, check whether there are bubbles in the oil, the need to exhaust.

(3) improper adjustment of the amplification plate, observe the current value of the ammeter and lift change or proportional to the speed, adjust the amplification plate.

(J) the clamping mold is not high pressure, beyond the stroke

Handling methods.

(1) limit switch exceeds the limit, check whether the mold adjustment is appropriate, adjust the appropriate mold thickness; check whether the motor is in the normal state.

(2) The hydraulic limit exceeds the stroke, whether the electronic ruler stroke position is appropriate, check whether the mold adjustment is appropriate, and adjust the mold forward appropriately.

(K) Manual mold opening termination, semi-automatic termination without mold opening

Handling methods.

(1) mold opening valve leakage, manually hit the injection table after the action, observe whether the second plate is backward, replace the mold opening valve.

(2) check the maximum travel and pressure flow of the electronic ruler.

(L) no ejector action

Handling methods.

(1) bad ejector limit switch, check whether the 24V proximity switch is lit with a multimeter. Replace the ejector limit switch.

(2) card valve, use the hexagonal key to press the ejector spool whether it can be moved, clean the pressure valve.

(3) The ejector limit rod is broken, take out the limit rod by hand after stopping and replace the limit rod.

(4) short circuit of the ejector switch, check the ejector switch with a multimeter to ground 0 voltage, replace the ejector switch.

(5) electronic ruler position is not set properly.

(M) semi-automatic when the ejector needle is out of control

Handling methods.

1) bad ejector board, check whether the line is normal, normal voltage DV24V. repair the ejector board.

2) broken line, a comprehensive check of the switch connection line, I/O board connection line. Check the lines and rewire.

3) Check whether the mold has any alignment.

4) Whether the cylinder piston rod seal is damaged.
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