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  • Six criteria to judge the quality of common plastic mold molding

Six criteria to judge the quality of common plastic mold molding

Plastic molds have become the most widely used material in various fields. Plastic moulds have always served the market with an excellent reputation. And the quality of plastic injection molds is mainly reflected in six aspects. What are those six aspects? The next GonSon plastic mold manufacturers of the editor to give you a detailed introduction, the details are as follows.

Plastic mold

1. service life: in the premise of ensuring product quality, the mold can complete the number of cycles or the number of parts produced.

2. designation and hardness: must be processed at the bottom or next to the waist-shaped pit all before and after the internal mold, inserts, rows, skewed top, vertical top (push block), etc., and engraved with the material designation and hardness. Protection cost, cycle time, etc.

3. Product quality: product dimensional stability, compliance, product exterior finish, product material utilization, etc.

4. the use and protection of the mold: whether the most convenient to use, demold, and production support time to be as short as possible;

5. plastic mold to do the appearance of protection: in the manufacturing process, the need to protect the external appearance of the mold blank to prevent rust and scratching.

6. Spraying anti-rust agent: Before packing the mold, it is necessary to spray a white/ or colorless anti-rust agent on the internal mold. All mold exteriors must be cleaned and then greased.
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