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  • Teach you how to reduce the processing cost of injection moulds

Teach you how to reduce the processing cost of injection moulds

Reasonable and effective reduction of the processing cost of injection mold can effectively improve the economic efficiency of enterprise production, can effectively reduce the production cost of enterprises, which is conducive to the improvement of enterprise and product market competitiveness. 

So how to reduce the processing cost of injection mold? The following GonSon injection mold processing factory of the editor gives you a detailed explanation of the methods to reduce the processing costs of injection molds, the details are as follows.

Injection mold processing

1. Reasonable choice of the injection molding tool

Before the production of products, careful selection of reasonably designed injection mold is the most basic method to reduce costs. 

Different mold design structures on the product material requirements are not the same, naturally, there are good and bad. Excellent molds have a high yield and produce less waste, so naturally, the production cost is lower.

2. Using reasonable processing technology

The same product, using different production and processing processes, the quality and quantity of raw materials required are not the same. 

According to the characteristics of the product requirements, under the premise of meeting the quality requirements, the use of improved processing methods can effectively reduce the cost of production.

3. Adopt scientific and reasonable management

In the production process, we adopt scientific and reasonable management methods. Strengthen cost accounting in production. Supply. Sales and financial aspects to strengthen the management. Put the production cost of raw materials. 

Auxiliary materials. Fuel. Power. Wages. Manufacturing cost. Administrative costs, etc., each cost is detailed into the unit product cost, reasonable standardized management, and strictly prohibits waste.
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