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  • What should I do if the temperature rise of the injection molding machine is too high?

What should I do if the temperature rise of the injection molding machine is too high?

Plastic machine temperature rise is too high for the reason

1. The oil tank is very small, the total area of heat exhaust is not enough, refrigeration equipment but its volume is too small.

2. The oil system software provided by the variable pump that picks the volume of the oil pump according to the quick release rate, there will be most of the unnecessary total flow in the work under high pressure from the speed control valve overflow back and hot.

3. The unloading circuit in the system software has a common fault or the oil pump cannot be unloaded when it stops working because the unloading circuit is not set, and all the total flow of the pump overflows under high pressure, causing overflow losses and heat, resulting in temperature rise.

4. The system software pipeline is too thin and too long, too many bends, part of the working pressure loss and pressure loss working pressure loss is large.

5. Insufficient precision of components and poor installation quality, the relative speed of mechanical equipment friction loss between large.

6. Mutual fit parts of the mutual fit-gap are very small, or the application of wear and tear caused by the gap is too large, internal. External leakage is large, resulting in capacity loss, such as the capacity of the pump is highly efficient reduction, the temperature rises fast.

7. The hydraulic transmission system pressure is adjusted much higher than the specific must. Sometimes it is due to the tightness of the seal, or because of the destruction of hydraulic seals. Leakage expansion and have no choice but to adjust the working pressure to work in.

8. The climate and work high working temperature, resulting in higher oil temperature.

9. The selection of hydraulic oil viscosity is not good, viscosity, viscosity friction resistance, viscosity is very small leakage expansion, the two conditions can lead to hot temperature rise.

Plastic machine temperature rise too high solution

1. According to the different load regulations, often check. Adjust the working pressure of the speed control valve, so that it is just right.

2. Effective selection of gear oil, especially the hydraulic oil viscosity, in the standard allowable condition, as far as possible to choose a lower viscosity to reduce viscosity friction loss.

3. Improve the wetting standard of fitness moving parts to reduce friction loss, which is beneficial to reduce the load at work. Reduce scalding.

4. Improve the installation quality and precision of hydraulic system and hydraulic transmission system, strictly control the clearance of mutual fit parts and improve the wetting standard. Choose rubber seals with low friction resistance and improve the sealing structure to minimize the starting force of the hydraulic cylinder to reduce the heat caused by the friction loss of mechanical equipment.

5. Check the gear oil refrigeration system is not blocked.
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