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  • How to do a good design of automotive plastic mold? What to pay attention to?

How to do a good design of automotive plastic mold? What to pay attention to?

The auto industry has been mainly metal parts, but with the development of plastic technology, many auto parts are now made of plastic products, which means more and more auto parts will be replaced by plastic materials in the future. So the quality of plastic parts will become more important, and it is the automotive plastic moulds that decide the quality. How to do a good job of automotive plastic mold design and manufacturing, these points must be controlled well.

1. The design of automotive plastic mold program is the key.

Not only the automotive industry, the design of almost all plastic products mold is a key. The design of automotive plastic mold must make the mold more simplified. The simplified design scheme is a clear provision for each optimization stage of plastic products. In this provision, the basic provisions of important links should be basically considered, such as the thickness design scheme of automotive plastic moulds, so that the thickness of the mould is as uniform as possible to prevent the appearance of suitable uneven glue bits.

2. Compressive strength should be done.

Compressive strength and strength should be standardized, otherwise the friction is difficult to bear, endangering the quality of construction. Strength regulations should be at least less than HRC35, a few special requirements should be more than 50 ~ 52HRC. The surface of plastic products should be glossy after molding, which can be done by polishing.

3. Choose the parting line and parting surface of auto plastic mold.

The way of determining the parting line can be defined according to the appearance of the part. The role of the parting line is just to divide the product into two parts, and the boundary line is also present. It is divided into two parts, one part is located in the fixed mold and the other part is molded by the moving mold. To get the parting surface of the automotive plastic mold, you can use the fractal line and scan the periphery of the mold with the fractal line to define the parting surface of the mold.

4. Precision must be guaranteed

Auto plastic molds require high precision, and high precision CNC machine tools are needed for processing auto plastic molds. And before proceeding to production, strict requirements are needed when selecting mold materials and molding processes. In general are used in the shell of the instrument, all raw materials need to be environmentally friendly.
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