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How the two-color mold is injection molded?

Now, some children's toys, industrial supplies, daily necessities, medical equipment, etc. Have you noticed, their appearance color is more beautiful than before two colors wrapped...

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How to do a good design of automotive plastic mold? What to pay attention to?

The auto industry has been mainly metal parts, but with the development of plastic technology, many auto parts are now made of plastic products, which means more and more auto parts will be replaced...

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Two-color plastic molds have formed a large industrial chain

In recent years, driven by the demand of high-tech and pillar industry applications, China's two-color plastic moulds have formed a huge industrial chain. From the upstream raw...

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Four basic requirements when processing injection molds

Injection molding process is a common production method in industrial manufacturing. It is an important tool for mass production, so what are the basic requirements when processing injection molds...

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How much is a set of molds?

A plastic mold is a tool matched with plastic molding machines in the plastics processing industry to endow plastic products with complete configuration and accurate size. Because there are many kinds and processing methods of plastics, and the structures

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