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  • How the two-color mold is injection molded?

How the two-color mold is injection molded?

Now, some children's toys, industrial supplies, daily necessities, medical equipment, etc. Have you noticed, their appearance color is more beautiful than before two colors wrapped together, very beautiful, and feel good. The technical achievements of two-color mold injection molding. So how is the two-color mold injection molding? Next, let's talk about this topic.

In fact, two-color mold means two kinds of plastic materials are injected on the same injection machine, twice, while the product is injected only once. First, the semi-finished product is injected. On the control of glue dosage in A color injection, the quality of a semi-finished product is directly related to the encapsulation of B color, if the A color product is not done well, B color injection will produce flying edge and affect the appearance of the product. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to ensure the accuracy of the mold for B-color products, because the sealing position of the product is directly A-color products. And the speed of the last section of the B color injection molding machine is absolutely slow, and the products injected achieve the perfect effect.

Two-color mold injection molding can be roughly divided into two categories:

1. mixed color two-color injection mold

In other words, the two injection nozzles of the injection molding machine alternately inject different color materials into the same cavity to form a colored product with no obvious boundary.

2. Double layer two-color injection mold

That is, two injection nozzles inject two materials successively into a two-color product with a clear boundary. The first injection nozzle injects the material into a small cavity and then molds it. After that, the mold opens, but does not push out. After the mold rotates 180 degrees, the mold closes. After that, the second injection nozzle injects another material into the large cavity with the first material to make the two materials stick together, and then the mold is opened and ejected a second time.

Nowadays, they mostly use the second method.

With the development of economy and technology, two-color mold products are more and more widely used and loved by many people, so two-color mold products are more and more favored by many enterprises.
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