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  • How to judge the quality of the finished product of silicone injection molding process

How to judge the quality of the finished product of silicone injection molding process

Plastic products I think we should not be unfamiliar with it, with the development of modern technology, more and more plastic products continue to emerge in front of everyone, so as a consumer or as a middleman how to judge the merits of a silicone injection molding processing of finished products? The following is a few simple tricks to teach you.

The main factors affecting the quality of silicone injection molding processing are: the raw material of the product, the design of the mold, the operation level of workers, the temperature and pressure control of the injection molding machine, and the type of injection molding may affect the level of injection molding processing. In addition to this there are some objective factors that can also affect its molding, such as environment, humidity, etc.

Then when we judge the quality of the finished products of silicone injection molding processing, we mainly have.

First, look at the appearance, whether the surface is flat, brightness and luster whether there are foreign color points cracks and so on.

Second, look at the size, the appropriate plastic products rely on the size requirements, especially corresponding to some of the more stringent requirements of the precision of plastic products.

Third, some judgments corresponding to the chemical and physical properties, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties, note that it is based on his use of the environment to determine, if it is used in the room temperature environment, then the requirements are relatively low.
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