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  • One-stop solution for injection molding machine in medical packaging industry

One-stop solution for injection molding machine in medical packaging industry

The D series all-electric injection molding machine is developed by GonSon's experience in designing all-electric injection molding machines, which adopts the integrated design of servo motor, server and control system and has perfect synergy control function, making the machine more responsive and more precise. The machine is suitable for the fully automatic production of precision products.

Performance advantages
1. the whole machine adopts grease lubrication, in line with the environmental protection ISO14000 standard, which will not pollute the environment while prolonging the service life of machinery and equipment, and is suitable for the production of medical products.

2. the machine adopts high rigidity mechanical structure, the deformation of the whole machine is small during the movement, which can meet the production of various difficult thin-walled products.

3. the use of advanced elbow bar analysis software to fully optimize the closing mechanism, making the opening and closing movement more flexible and easy to control, to better protect the precision mold.

4. flexible servo for each axis of the machine can significantly reduce the energy consumption of the whole machine, thus reducing the unit cost of products and improving the market competitiveness of medical products.

Nowadays, two-color machines are becoming more and more popular in the injection molding industry. The two-color injection molding machine can make two plastic products with different colors or different types, making more possibilities for the products.
GonSon's engineers have been improving and optimizing the two-color multi-material injection molding machine. Following the right-angle structure multi-material injection, the parallel type two-color injection molding machine: it can reduce the post-processing works of molded products (such as painting and coloring, connecting and assembling, etc.), save the product production cost, save energy and environment, meet the beautiful visual effect, tactile effect, or special functional effect of products, and enhance the added value of products.

The new parallel type two-color injection molding machine has the following advantages.

Performance advantages
1. Wide plate type template design with large inner distance of tie bar, which can install 2 pairs or 1 whole pair of molds to produce two-color products with clear boundary.

2. Carefully designed in-roll type five-point bending elbow closing mechanism with excellent motion characteristics, light and smooth, and accurate stop.

3. Adopt finite element analysis to design high rigidity template, reduce deformation and stress, good durability and ensure the accuracy of product production.

4. The turntable is controlled by servo motor drive, rotating 180 degrees round trip, fast and smooth, accurate positioning.

5. The turntable is equipped with mold positioning ring and positioning key to ensure the accuracy of mold installation and accurate mold closing after rotation.

6. Professional multi-material injection moulding machine control system based on European Bergeroi S09, with machine action animation display and real-time motion curve monitoring, which can observe the subtleties of the production, with clear and convenient human-machine interaction.

7. New design of 2 sets of independent action injection table device, horizontal parallel arrangement, compact structure.

8. Rear single-cylinder rodless cavity injection structure, the number of cylinder seals is small, the injection resistance is small, which improves the efficiency ratio of useful functions of injection, reduces the injection pressure, saves energy and reduces consumption; the ring area of the rod cavity is less than 40% of the rodless cavity area, the oil discharge of the rod cavity is small in the case of high-speed injection, the oil return resistance is small, and the oil circuit control is precise.

Application areas: medical, auto parts, small home appliances
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