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  • The solution of product breakage after adding masterbatch to the injection molding process

The solution of product breakage after adding masterbatch to the injection molding process

Under the sunlight, streaks will appear in the product. 

The problem needs to be considered from two aspects of plastic physical and mechanical properties and plastic molding process: the temperature control of injection molding processing equipment is not good, and the masterbatch cannot be fully mixed with resin after entering the mixing chamber. 

The injection molding machine does not add a certain back pressure, the screw mixing effect is not good. The laxity of masterbatch is not good or the resin is not well plasticized.

Injection processing

During the injection molding process, the process can be adjusted as follows: slightly increase the temperature of the mixing chamber near the blind hole, and apply a certain back pressure to the injection molding machine

If the problem cannot be solved after the above-mentioned debugging, it may be a problem of laxity or matching between the masterbatch and resin, which should be solved by contacting the masterbatch manufacturer. 

After using a certain masterbatch in the injection molding process, the product seems to crack more easily. This may be due to the poor diffusivity and miscibility caused by the quality of the laxative or additive selected by the manufacturer, which then affects the physical and mechanical properties of the product.

The problem of too dark (too light) color is simple after using the masterbatch according to the masterbatch manual share, but there are many possibilities, especially: masterbatch not carefully tested, too little or too much pigment. Inaccurate measurement during use, a large number of SMEs have the random measurement. 

There is a problem with the matching of masterbatch and resin. 

This may be due to improper selection of the masterbatch carrier, or the manufacturer may have arbitrarily changed the resin type; the temperature of the injection molding process equipment is incorrect and the masterbatch stays in the machine for too long.
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