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  • Injection molding process

Injection molding process

Injection Mold Processing

The plastic inside the mold is gradually and evenly coated and melted and adhered to the whole surface of the mold cavity under the action of gravity and heat energy, and then molded into the desired shape and made by cooling and shaping...

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Analysis of the flow pattern of injection molded products and countermeasures to solve it

Serpentine flow pattern - When the melt enters the mold cavity from the gate, it produces a jet effect, which is like a snake on the surface of the product, so it is called serpentine flow pattern...

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5 general plastic injection molding process details

Polypropylene (PP) injection mold processing technology,PP is a transparent, semi-crystalline thermosetting plastic with high toughness, good dielectric strength, low water absorption, high thermal deformation temperature...

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What factors determine the accuracy of injection molded parts for electronic products?

The application scale of injection molding processing parts is becoming more and more widespread, from simple tableware, kitchenware to messy mechanical parts, electronic product shells, etc. are useful for...

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The solution of product breakage after adding masterbatch to the injection molding process

Under the sunlight, streaks will appear in the product.The problem needs to be considered from two aspects of plastic physical and mechanical properties and plastic molding process: the temperature control...

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5 points of the role of mold temperature on the quality control of injection molded parts

Mold temperature refers to the surface temperature of the mold cavity which is in contact with the products during the injection molding process. Because it directly affects the cooling rate of the products...

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Analysis of the injection molding process of polypropylene (PP)

PP is a translucent, semi-crystalline thermoplastic with high strength, good insulation, low water absorption, high heat forming temperature, low density, and high crystallinity...

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Summarize the most practical POM injection molding process

POM (also known as SAI steel, Trim). It is obtained by polymerization of formaldehyde, etc. POM-H (polyacetal homopolymer), POM-K (polyacetal copolymer) is high-density...

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In order to have a good injection process, injection speed adjustment is indispensable!

Proportional control of injection speed has been widely adopted by injection molding machine manufacturers. Although computer-controlled injection speed segmentation control systems have existed for a long time, the advantages of such machine settings hav

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