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  • Regular maintenance check time and items of injection molding machine

Regular maintenance check time and items of injection molding machine

To ensure the normal operation of the injection molding machine, reduce the occurrence of faults, and maintain the high performance of the injection molding machine. Service life. In order to ensure the normal operation of the injection molding machine and reduce the downtime caused by the failure, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance checks on the injection molding machine.

The regular maintenance check of the injection molding machine can be divided into weekly. Monthly. Yearly intermittent maintenance.

I. Weekly maintenance check items of injection molding machine

1. Check. Tighten the connection bolts, such as the bending elbow connection and each moving part fastening bolts, mold fastening and its structure in the moving parts connection bolts or screws, limit switch fixed locking screws, etc.;

2. Check the hydraulic oil. Lubricating oil cooling device in the cooling pipeline and oil circuit of each system, check whether there is leakage of oil. Water phenomenon, if necessary, to properly tighten or replace the sealing gasket;

3. carefully check the lubrication points. Oil pipeline grease changes, whether the oil mixed with water, whether the oil mixed with metal powder or other debris, if necessary, replace the lubricant or its filtration and other processing.

II. Injection molding machine monthly maintenance check items

1. check the quality of the hydraulic oil, found in the oil contains impurities, the oil volume is not enough or contains water to be processed in a timely manner, replenish the amount of insufficient hydraulic oil;

2. check the point device line for the loose phenomenon;

3. check the ventilation filter on the electronic control box. Remove the dirt, if necessary, remove and clean;

4. clean the hydraulic oil filter;

5. to the active surface (such as tie rods. Injection seat sliding guide surface, etc.) for a clean treatment, and then re-apply the new lubricant.

III. Annual maintenance check items for injection molding machine

1. check the quality of hydraulic oil, generally require the injection molding machine with hydraulic oil 12 months -18 months to replace the new oil, new equipment period, the hydraulic oil should be discharged from the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine after 3 months of use, the hydraulic system of the control valves. Pipeline. The oil tank for a cleaning (because of the new equipment at the beginning of use, the wear of iron powder. The unclean debris in the pipeline contains mixed into the oil quality), the hydraulic oil filtered (with a 150 mesh filter), re-added to the tank;

2. calibrate the thermocouple temperature measurement instrument display and the actual temperature measurement point with a thermometer temperature difference error, clear the hot spot couples contact point dirt, correct the correct thermocouple working temperature measurement position;

3. check the solidity of all wire connection points in the control box, check whether the rubber insulation layer of the line is aging, to prevent leakage, and replace the line with wire if necessary;

4. check the mechanical drive reducer system, such as bearing cleaning, check the wear condition, and replace the bearings if necessary;

5. check the gear tooth surface wear condition. Quality of lubricating oil in the gearbox, make records;

6. check the wear condition of the screw and barrel, repair the light wear and scratches, repair the more serious wear, make records and propose a replacement plan.

7. each drive motor. Hydraulic pump. The motor should be disassembled and inspected, check the bearings. Pump body and other places of wear, cleaning and adding lubricating oil (grease), make a record of the wear parts, repair or replacement of new parts plan;

8. to some seals, wearing parts to check, if necessary, to replace.
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