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Injection Mould Car Injection Moulding Mould in China

1.Strictly according to customer’s requests.
2.Tolerance: +/-0.01mm min
3.The most advanced CMM inspector to ensure the quality
4.Experienced technology engineers and well trained workers
5.Fast and timely delivery , speedily & professional service
6.Offer professional suggestion to save costs for customer.
7. Sample time: 7days, production time : 30days.
8. ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer.

Precision Injection Molding and Sheet metal are our core businesses. Delivering injection molding and contract manufacturing in the packaging, consumer appliances, home automation, and automotive sectors etc.

When you choose GonSon, you get an expert partner through the entire production cycle, taking your product from concept to reality.

COMPANY NAME Shanghai GonSon Technology Co., Ltd.
BUSINESS TYPE Manufacturer
MAIN PRODUCTS Plastic Injection Mold, Prototype tool, Injection Molding Parts,  Metal Stamping Die, Stamping Processing for Auto, Consumer Electronics, Appliance, Medical, Houseware…
QAULITY POLICY Customer-centric, Action concurrent with words 

Q1.How can I get a Quotation?

1) 3D with stp.(preferred) igs, st.prt. format

2) 2D drawing for tolerance/material/surface finish/test requirement/regulations

3) Quantity (by order, month and a Year)

We can helpyoucomplete above for ODM project

Q2.How do you ensure product quality?

As you can see above, we apply assessment, planning, monitor at every single process. Some bullet points:

1)Apply APQP Product development process
2)Layemphasis on prevention and planning
3)Once a year ISO9001, IATF 16949 audit and refreshing
4)Designforquality (poke-yoke as much as possible)

Q3. How do you ensure on time delivery?

1) Detailed planning, details to per hour/person/machine number/stakeholder…

2) Main material driving management system

3) Daily progress meeting, a recovery plan will be reviewed by management team once any key chain is delay.

4) If delay happen on delivery, GonSon will provide customer 1% discount for one week delay, up limit to 10%

Q4. What is your defective part handling process

GonSon have good traceability record for people/machine/parameter/material batch/inspection, that will help quick quarantine defect parts, find out root cause and apply prevention method

1)Quarantine defect batch raw/semi/finish materials
2)Analysis root cause
3)Add prevention and inspection method
4)Produce new part and replace defect part on customer site

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