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Plastic Food Container Mold

Mold Material: P20H,718H,2738H,S136,H13

Mold Life: 5000,000 shots

The injection molding of thin-walled containers always requires four essential things: Maximum acceleration, maximum speed, high injection pressure and maximum precision. Only when these four factors interact optimally a stable production process and high-quality parts can be achieved.

We have rich experience in manufacturing high-quality thin-walled food container molds. The manufactured thin-walled food container molds can be applied to thin-walled food containers of different capacities, models and specifications, including rectangular, circular, and square; 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L ...

The thickness of the thin-walled food containers we manufacture varies according to the capacity, model, and specifications. The minimum wall thickness of the small container design is 0.31mm; the wall thickness of a 1-liter thin-walled food container is 0.5-0.6mm; and the wall thickness of a 2-liter thin-walled food container is 0.6-0.7mm.


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