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Custom Plastic mobile phone case Laptop

                                                                                Injection molding equipment
Machine Name T Spacing Glue quantity Quantity Production address
GONSON 90T 365*365 110G 11 SHANGHAI
GONSON 120T 380*380 160G 8 SHANGHAI
GONSON 160T 455*455 290G 5 SHANGHAI
GONSON 200T 510*510 375G 3 SHANGHAI
GONSON 250T 570*570 487G 9 SHANGHAI
GONSON 300T 660*660 776G 5 SHANGHAI
GONSON 360T 710*710 1127G 3 SHANGHAI
GONSON 420T 780*780 1420G 3 SHANGHAI
GONSON 98T 360*360 114G 5 SHANGHAI
GONSON 128T 410*410 216G 3 SHANGHAI
GONSON 148T 455*405 358G 4 SHANGHAI
GONSON 218T 530*510 530G 3 SHANGHAI
GONSON 268T 580*560 650G 4 SHANGHAI
GONSON 288T 610*610 850G 2 SHANGHAI
Molding Method Injection,Extrusion,Compression,Blow,Thermoforming
Mould Life 300000-1000000shots
Sprue Gate YUDO runner,Hot runner,Cold nuner,Pin-point Gate,Submarine gate,etc
Mold Cavity Single or Multi,as per your requirement
Runner Form H42-52
HRC Eco-Friendly, Food Grade
Product Materical ABS,PC,POM,PA,PVC,PP,PE,PC+ABS,PMMA,etc

Q : How can I get your quotation ?
A : Please provide us information as below :
1) 3D Drawing (STEP, IGS, STL) or 2D/images with Dimension
2) Product Material you are into or suggested by us and Order Quantity

Q : How can I get the samples ?
A : We have two options for the sample
* 3D sample
* Opening a sample mold to make sample, this will close to the actual product 100%.

Q : What is the MOQ ?
A: 100 Pieces for each item, Of course the more the cheaper.

Q : How long is the lead time after placing order ?
A : Lead time depends on your quantity.

Q : Can we print our logo/pattern on the products ?
A : Definitely, This is what we do. We are an OEM and ODM Molding Manufacturer.

Q: How do you do the quality control?
A: Quality is the priority. All products with ISO Certificates, and 100% QC inspection before shipment.

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