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Plastic Medical injection Mold

Mold Material: P20,NAK80,S136,H13
Mold Life: 500,000 shots

We are an ISO13485:2016 certificated experienced factory focusing on developing, design and manufacturing plastic injection molds for disposable medical components, medical devices and laboratory products.

Lisong medical injection molds are renowned for precision, speed, long life and excellent repeatability. The compact cluster design of medical molds, which use lateral symmetrical gating, allows for high volumes and significant material savings. Our special materials and coating technology enable you to meet various health mandates, legislative requirements and validation protocols worldwide.

Our medical molds are mainly used to produce the following products:

Infusion/transfusion devices
Pipette tips
Blood collection tubes
Swab tubes
Reaction tubes
urine container
centrifuge tube
Petri dishes
General IVD disposables

And more


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