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Plastic PVC pipe fitting Mold

Lisong is a professional PVC pipe fittting mold manufacturer from China with 10 years of manufacturing experience. Lisong Mould is specialized in the production of high-quality pipe fittting mould. Lisong have a professional design team who has rich experience in plastic mould. If you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable PVC pipe fittting moldmanufacturer, lisong Mould is your best choice!


A plastic PVC pipe fitting mold is a specialized tool used for the manufacturing process of plastic PVC pipe fittings. The mold is designed to shape molten plastic into a specific fitting shape, which then cools and solidifies into a finished product. The PVC mold typically consists of two halves that are clamped together during production, creating a cavity in the shape of the desired fitting. Different types of fittings, such as elbows or tees, require different molds to achieve their unique shapes.


Lisong can produce a variety of PVC pipe fitting mold. The fittings that are produced by injection molding are available in various shapes and sizes such as coupler, TEE, reducers, elbows 90º - 45º, crosses, end caps, sockets, adapters, bushings, plug. they are used worldwide in sanitary and storm sewer systems, drinking water supply, roof drains, irrigation, drainage, gas supply, ventilation, mining and industrial, communications, electrical, exhaust systems, etc.


Mold Material: S316, P20, DIN 1.2316

Mold Life: 3000, 000shots


Lisong plastic injection molds for fittings accepts a huge range of plastic, such as PVC, PP, PE, PB, ABS, POM, PVDF, PPSU…


Lisong - your reliable mould manufacturer! Welcome to contact us and get quotation!

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