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Thin Wall Mold

Lisong is a professional thin wall mold manufacturer from China with 10 years of manufacturing experience. we have a professional design team who has rich experience in thin wall mould. Lisong Thin wall molds are commonly used in the production of packaging containers, disposable cups, lids, plastic spoon, plastic knife, plastic fork, etc.


The injection molding of thin wall products always requires four essential things: Maximum acceleration, maximum speed, high injection pressure and maximum precision. Only when these four factors interact optimally a stable production process and high-quality parts can be achieved.

Lisong Thin Wall Mould Advantages

  • 1. Thin product wall thickness: minimum 0.3mm;
  • 2. Short injection cycle: 3.6S;
  • 3. High mold processing precision: 2u;
  • 4. Mold life: 7 million mold times;
  • 5. Fast service reply: within 30 minutes;
  • 6. Short exchange time: 29 days.

China's professional thin wall mold manufacturer:

We have many years of experience in producing plastic molds. From mold design to mold testing, we provide complete in-house services and are your first choice for plastic mold manufacturers in China. We are managed by professional staff with complete technology and years of experience. We have many first-class equipments, such as CNC, EDM, engraving machine, wire cutting machine, etc. We use the latest CAD/CAE/CAM, which not only guarantees the mold quality, but also improves the efficiency. With an open and enterprising spirit, the company has extensive contacts with experts and customers in the field. Research, learn, collaborate, and energize the industry.

Leader in the field of thin wall mold manufacturing

We have a group of skilled designers who are proficient in design software, such as UG, Pro-E, Solidworks, etc. We can accurately express the customer's design purpose, from the design concept to the form of the product concept, to the molding. With advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software, we work closely with our clients on all aspects of the project to develop optimally designed easy-to-maintain molds and low-cost production plastic parts.

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