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Plastic Toy Injection Mold

Mold Material: 45#, P20, H13, 718, 1.2344
Mold Life: 5,000,000 shots

Many plastic toys are made through injection molding, toys made in plastic have advantages of good strength, light weight, colorful decoration, complex design are possible, economic.

The key and difficulty of toy manufacturing depends mainly on the design, manufacturing and processing of toy molds. Toy molds are more diverse, complicated and combined than other molds.

Injection mold is the most widely used in toy production. It has the characteristics of high product quality, stable size, good finish and high production efficiency. It is applied to a toy with high quality requirements, many assembly parts, thick wall thickness and large batch size.

If you have a new injection molding toys project, you are welcome to send us your design, we can sign the NDA document to prevent your project, as we know the new project need to be cover in secret.


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