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Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine

This machine is suitable for the packaging of medical devices (needles, syringes), electronic components, chemical products, foodstuffs and sensitive anti-pollution items. It can complete the whole process of heating the plastic sheet against the plate, forming at the same time with negative and positive pressure, filling the items, sealing the plate mesh, printing the batch and, cutting and conveying the finished products simultaneously.

The machine adopts PLC programmable control and human-machine interface operation, which is a high degree of automation and electromechanical integration product. It meets GMP standard and can replace imported similar products. It adopts stepping or servo motor and chain clamping to form a traction device with adjustable stroke, and is equipped with automatic cursor alignment device to ensure accurate positioning of packaging pattern. The position of printing and indentation is adjustable at will. Mold Shaw nail positioning, easy to change the mold.

Note: Can be equipped with automatic plate-pairing printing device.
Technical parameters.
Packaging speed. 1ML 288pcs/min 5ML 200pcs/min 10ML 180pcs/min 20ML 160pcs/min 
Input power: 380/220V50HZ 
Machine size: 700 * 100 * 180CM 
Full machine power: 10KW 
Weight: 1750KG 
Air pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa

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