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Other equipment and accessories

In order to better serve our customers in all aspects, the company provides the service of auxiliary materials such as water-based ink for packaging machine, dialysis paper, laminated film and resin glue for assembly machine.

According to the samples provided by customers, we use special computer software to design and calculate the molds, use high-grade aluminum alloy materials, cut and process them on CNC machining center machine tools, and then anodize or Teflon coat the workpieces. The molds designed and processed through our excellence ensure the packaging printing and cutting needs of customers for various products. This includes packaging, printing and slitting functions for a variety of rounded, long conduit type and deep cavity type products. Packaging materials can be paper-plastic packaging, plastic-plastic packaging, rigid film packaging, soft film packaging, which can be packaged for medical products such as syringes, gauze pieces, catheter types, etc. It is also suitable for food, stationery, toys, small hardware and other such products.

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